Learn more about Spanish Soon

No, as long as you have a basic user level and are familiar with Internet Explorer, Word and email, you should have no problems.

The only program to install is Skype. This program is free and easy to download, install and use. You will receive instructions on how to download it after registration.

No, Spanish Soon is aimed at students who have not had previous contact with the Spanish language, as well as those who have reached a certain level of learning. Our teachers use English as a ‘bridge language’ when it is necessary.

During class, all our teachers use standard and international Spanish, free of colloquial expressions.

Spanish Soon costs $10 for each 55-minute lesson.

You can make the payment by Western Union or by PayPal.

PayPal is the largest and most trusted payment processor in the world.

Spanish Soon is specially designed for young and / or adult students with no age limit. If you are retired and have a desire to learn a language, you will find our program a very good fit. You just need to make the commitment and Spanish Soon will make your learning a stimulating and entertaining experience.

Yes! That’s what’s great about Spanish Soon, it allows you to study from any location that has a broadband internet connection.

Yes, but we must take into account the time difference, since our teachers live in Ecuador.

Spanish Soon is located in Quito, Ecuador, therefore, all teachers are Ecuadorian. People from Quito are recognized for having a clear pronunciation and proper grammar, making Ecuadorian Spanish one of the best to learn from.

Yes, you can reschedule your class at least 24 hours in advance without incurring a penalty. If you do not notify us 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the normal rate for class.

Spanish Soon considers that students’ study schedules should not be interrupted, therefore, we will do our best to assign a substitute teacher in the event that their teacher is absent.

All our teachers have knowledge of different ‘bridge languages’, such as English. However, if you feel you do not understand your teacher or are experiencing problems, Spanish Soon will assign you another teacher.

Spanish Soon is not responsible for interruptions in communication resulting from technical difficulties with the student’s computer or Internet connection. In the event of a failure with our system, the teacher will allow for the class to be recovered.