Our Programs

We have a variety of programs suited to different learning goals and objectives. Read below for details on each so you can decide which one is best for you!

General Spanish Course

We provide lessons at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and cover all necessary grammar and vocabulary for spoken and written Spanish communication in a wide variety of settings.


• Articles: definite and indefinite
• Nouns
• Adjectives
• Conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in present tense
• Direct and indirect object pronouns
• Simple (preterit) past tense
• The Imperative

Upon finishing this level, students can interpret, produce and form basic oral exchanges, such as: greetings, restaurant menus, requesting information, producing presentations, brief letters and giving and receiving orders.


• Adverbs
• Imperfect past tense (uses, comparison with simple past)
• Present perfect tense
• Prepositions
• Imperfect future tense
• Simple Conditional tense: formation and uses

Upon finishing this level, students are able to participate in and understand common daily conversations, understand radio programs, speak on the telephone, understand the context of newspapers, give information about their surrounding and understand people and their surroundings. Their knowledge is sufficient to establish a good level of communication.


• Relative Pronouns
• Future perfect tense: formation and uses
• Perfect conditional tense: formation and uses
• Subjunctive
• Conjunctions
• Present subjunctive tense: formation and uses
• Imperfect subjunctive tense: formation and uses
• Subjunctive vs Indicative
• Complete periphrastic structures

Upon finishing this level, students can both understand and read all types of texts, including literary ones. They can also explain, narrate and discuss facts and circumstances with appropriate vocabulary and fluent dialogue. Students have an excellent grasp of grammatical structures. They can ask and respond like native Spanish speakers with minimal errors.

Spanish Conversation

You may already have a good grounding in Spanish but need to develop your fluency and listening skills in an informal setting.
Our teachers are natives of Ecuador and have extensive background in education so you learn Spanish fast.

Another great advantage of our Spanish conversation program is friendship and cultural exchange. Many of our clients have made great personal friendships with our teachers and have traveled to Ecuador to meet them in person. Most students and teachers converse about subjects including: their family, pets, politics, history, economics and many others.

This shows a greater cultural understanding which is important in language learning.

DELE Exam Preparation

If you want to work in an international company and you need to show a certificate with International recognition, you should think about the DELE exams.

Each exam, depending on the level, has its own special structure and format. We will teach you the best way to prepare for the exam, give you lots of practice, use tests from previous exam papers, and also learn tips and secrets on how to succeed in the exam.

The DELE exams are official qualifications which have permanent validity. They certify the degree of competence and command of the Spanish language and are awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education
They are internationally recognized and are very prestigious, not only among public and private educational institutions and authorities, but also in the business world and chambers of commerce. They are ideal for furthering your career and access to education, both in Spain and in other countries where the examinations are held.

Spanish For Children

Children have particular needs, not just in the simplicity of the vocabulary and grammar, but also the subject matter and style of teaching. We have Spanish teachers dedicated to teaching kids.

We understand how important it is that your child receives good grades in Spanish class. Our teachers foster a positive mindset about learning which is very important to their rapid development.

Children can take lessons from the safety of their home, allowing parents time for other important daily activities.

Spanish For Travel & Tourism

If you are going on vacation in Ecuador or any Spanish-speaking country then you should know at least some Spanish for your trip. When traveling to these countries you will be immersed in Spanish as soon as you leave the touristic areas. Our course is designed to assist you with communicating with the local Spanish speaking population.

During the course, students will be provided with materials and activities, to enable them to understand and use simple phrases and vocabulary they would need in a Spanish speaking country.

Medical Spanish

This course is designed for doctors, nurses and others who work, or intend to work, in the Medical sector to answer the growing demand for relevant knowledge of Spanish amongst doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. It is oriented towards improving student’s basic vocabulary related to healthcare, so that they can communicate respectfully and effectively with Spanish speaking colleagues, patients and their families in the course of their daily work.

During the course, our medical Spanish course students will be provided with materials and activities, to enable them to understand and use Spanish for Medical Professionals. Students will build on their present knowledge and improve their speaking and vocabulary skills, in general and in specific areas guided by native speakers who are experts on the subject.

Small Group Classes

If you are the kind of student who wants to learn a language with someone else, and you have a friend, partner, or family member who is also learning Spanish, you can book Spanish lessons together!

You only need to have the same Spanish level and the same time availability. If you would like to study Spanish from your home or office but you would like to save some money and learn with someone, this is the best option for you.