What Our Students Have to Say

Alexandra Müller, Germany; alex.ml@hotmail.de

In 2015 I took Spanish classes via Skype at Spanish Soon for about six months once a week. The hours with Jimena were great! In this school the teachers all have many years of experience and use a simple but very effective method. So I not only learned grammar, expanded my vocabulary and improved writing style, but also learned a lot about the country and its people, current events and culture. Before the first lesson I had a strange feeling because I didn’t know what to expect from a Skype lesson like this. It was a lot of fun from the start, because Jimena is very friendly, interested and competent. As she explained to me, it is important for all Skype teachers at Spanish Soon to create a good atmosphere so that the students feel comfortable. Overall, I’m really glad I did it. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and met a nice person who I definitely want to visit the next time I am in Quito. Thanks Spanish Soon!

Manuela, Germany; manuelaburggraf@gmail.com

Spanish classes on Skype with Spanish Soon

During my several-week stay in Ecuador, I attended language classes with Arturo and Nancy at the Banana Spanish School in Quito. Shortly before I flew back to Germany, the two of them suggested continuing my Skype class. I thought that was a sensible idea and booked 10 hours. Payment is made through Western Union and is very straightforward. Once a week I skype with Arturo for one hour. The effect of this lesson is greater than I initially thought. By speaking the foreign language regularly, you keep a routine that is very important for maintaining the language skills! Most of the time, at the beginning of the lesson, I first tell what I’ve been doing over the past few days, so that I can get started with Spanish. In the course of the lesson we mostly discuss grammar. Arturo writes the most important things via the chat function of Skype and sends me Word documents, which I then work on as homework, so that the lessons on Skype hardly differ from the lessons in the language school. A big advantage is that Arturo knows exactly at what level I currently speak Spanish and can therefore individually respond to my level of knowledge. I always do the individual lessons individually with Arturo. In this way, language teaching via Skype can be integrated very well into everyday life and means little time is spent, since you are taught at your own desk. My goal was to learn the missing Spanish grammar rules through Skype lessons. But I could well imagine continuing the lessons beyond that, to speak Spanish for an hour once a week and to maintain my level.

Overall, I am very happy that I have decided to continue with Arturo via Skype and I can only recommend this way of learning Spanish!

Lilo y Thomas , Switzerland; lilo.stoffel@gmail.com

In October 2013 we traveled through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia for 3 months. Before we inquired about the South American continent, we wanted to expand our Spanish knowledge for 3 weeks and therefore searched the Internet for a Spanish school in Quito. Because of the good references, the manageable size of the school and the central location, we chose the Banana Spanish School. A stroke of luck for us.

Arturo, the owner of the school, picked us up at the airport with his car and we enjoyed his interesting lessons over the next three weeks. In addition, we took various trips to the surrounding area on weekends or half-days off school. We did this partly independently and with advice from Arturo. But the school itself organized excursions and accompanied us – all in a very personal setting and with the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of Spanish.

We learned a lot in these three weeks, especially in oral expression and language comprehension. Arturo designed the classes to be tailored to our needs and varied. Although we only had a modest vocabulary and grammar, we were able to talk for hours about our current experiences, our different cultures and customs, our ways of life, etc. In conversation and through various texts, we learned a lot of interesting things about life in Ecuador and the history of the country.

Arturo supplemented the practical application of the language very flexibly and systematically with the missing grammar. The lessons always consisted of a large practical and a theoretical part. Arturo teaches in his calm, friendly and courteous manner. The other teachers were also very open and communicative – we also learned to appreciate them very much.

Since we came back from our trip to South America, Arturo has been teaching us weekly via Skype. We are still connected to South America and look forward to the exchange of information and experiences every week and enjoy talking to “our Profesore”. We highly recommend the Banana Spanish School.

Paula Rabaey, professor St. Catherine University; parabaey@stkate.edu

Banana Spanish School was one of my best experiences in Quito! Nancy and Arturo, made occupational therapy students from St. Catherine University feel welcome and comfortable. It was a great learning environment and I learned so much in three weeks! They were easy to work with and made learning spanish fun. My students commented that learning spanish enhanced their experience while in Ecuador.

I enjoyed my experience so much that I have continued Skype lessons with their online program, Spanish Soon, to keep improving my Spanish. I would recommend Banana Spanish school to individuals and groups to enhance your experience while in Quito, Ecuador!

Svea, Germany; atmo.svea@gmail.com

I got to know and appreciate the Banana Spanish School during my stay in Ecuador. At that time I had no previous knowledge of Spanish and there I learned more than 2 months more than the basic knowledge. Since I wanted to improve my Spanish a bit, I asked Arturo and Nancy if the lessons could not be continued from Germany, so I have been taking Skype lessons with Arturo for a few months now through Spanish Soon. On the one hand there is always room for free speech, on the other hand we do grammar exercises and also write from time to time. So I can not rustle my Spanish comfortably from home. The school is also very flexible in terms of time. So I can only recommend classes via Skype! =)